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Picking Your Resort: Neurospicy Introverts Edition

If you've been in the comments section of any social media post about a Disney Deluxe Resort or a Universal Premier Resort, you've surely seen hundreds of comments along the lines of, "what a waste of money, I'm only there to sleep." If that's you, move along! This one is for the folks who need, and I mean need, resort downtime. I promise I'll throw in tips for low-key at Value resorts as well!

Here are our top 5 tips for picking a resort: 1. Club Level, Club Level, Club Level. This is available at both Disney Deluxe Resorts (Disneyland and Walt Disney World), and the Moderate Coronado Springs, and Universal Orlando Premier resorts. It includes personalized service and access to a lounge with snacks throughout the day. Disney tends to have a longer periods of available snacks, more availability of alcohol, and more elevated food, but at Universal the add-on for Club Level is cheaper. Either way, it's an excellent value if you take your time in the morning, take a mid-day break, and come back to your resort in the evening. You will absolutely get your money's wo

rth. 2. The other reason, besides Club Level, that we tend to chose Deluxe Resorts at Disney is that they have a patio or balcony. When you have a kid who needs a break or goes to bed early, or you want to get out of the crowds but still enjoy Florida weather in February, it's nice to have an outdoor area to sit with a book. This is a MUST for me when Lil and I do solo trips. I cannot just sit in a 2 queen motel style

room when she goes to bed several hours before I do. 3. If Deluxe is not an option, opt for Family Suites at All Star or Art of Animation. If you're outdoorsy, go for the Fort Wilderness Cabin. Downtime requires space for everyone to spread out. 4. If Family Suites/Cabins are not in the budget, AT LEAST go for the Preferred Rooms. The Value and Moderate resorts like Disney's Pop Century, Disney's Port Orleans Riverside, Disney's Caribbean Beach, and Universal's Cabana Bay are very large, very spread out resorts. Save yourself the extra steps and get a preferred room that is close to dining & transportation.

5. Consider your pool needs. Not everyone loves swimming, but if you're going to be at your resort quite a bit, you may want to take this into consideration. Many resorts, at both Disney & Universal, have quiet pools and cabana rentals! Ready to book your next trip? Get a quote today!

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