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Space 220 Review

We FINALLY got into Space 220 after trying for an ENTIRE YEAR. I used MouseDining to set alerts for every day of our trip, after park hopping hours. At the very last minute, I finally caught one for the Lounge! Lilly loves space! We are at our Science Center once a week! She was so excited!

Until we rode on the elevator up to the space station.

The rest of my dinner was her begging to leave. I hope I don't sound like a terrible mom, but we did not leave. She wasn't crying or hyperventilating or anything, she was just a little wigged out by the view. She knew it was pretend. So I switched places with her (having SELFLESSLY given her the best view) and told her to suck it up. And she still kept noticing fun things out in space, like an astronaut walking a dog, but still kept saying she wanted to leave. Did I mention I had been trying to get this reservation for a year? Not just for myself but for ANYONE - any friend, any client - and nothing. This was the very first reservation I managed to snag.

So, we're staying. Let's talk about the experience. There are two halves to Space 220, the restaurant and the lounge. The lounge has small plate menu, but you can also order the restaurant's prix fixe menu in the lounge. I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted and knew Lilly would not be sharing anything, so I decided to go with the prix fixe menu.

It's so hard for me to say this after waiting so long, but I struggle to recommend this at $80 per person. It's a hefty premium for atmosphere, but even more expensive than Cinderella's Royal Table (the restaurant inside Magic Kingdom's castle). It's like you're paying $25 to ride in the space elevator. First, let's talk about the calamari. If I am paying prix fixe price for calamari, I expect the whole entire squid, not the Red Lobster "bung" kind of calamari served on a cafeteria plate with marinara and aioli. (Francis: Has any condiment ever had a glow up like mayonnaise to aoili?) Gimme crispy tentacles! They're the best part!

My salmon came under a smoked dome, which is cool for Instagram I guess, but the rest of the presentation was just so underwhelming. The mushrooms were fantastic, but the salmon was overcooked and dry, the carrots and bok choi were not worth mentioning, and I'm SO baffled by the gigantic puddle of buerre blanc. Anyone remember Tom from Parks n Rec? "I never eat anything with a sauce I have to dip myself. Drizzle it on for me, I'm not your maid!" I don't even want to talk about the kid's prix fixe menu. That was the most expensive mac and cheese on earth or in space. I finally had to cave in on Lil's protests and take dessert to go, so I didn't get the full presentation of the carrot cake. In the to-go box, they added so many walnuts and toasted pepitas that they completely overwhelmed the cake. It just tasted really salty and crunchy. Of course, I was eating it in a Cars Suite at Art of Animation after getting my cranky kid to bed, so I'm sure that colored the whole experience. Bottom line, if you can manage to get a reservation, get the Lounge, get an appetizer, dessert, and/or drink so you can experience the "Happy Hour in Ten Forward" atmosphere, and skip the prix fixe.

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